A software consultant
for you.

  • A proven track record of delivering excellent results for successful clients.
  • We are happy to travel to you — internationally, and in the future, intergalactically.
  • We split projects into discovery (hourly billing) and fixed-price scope of work engagements.
  • Our agreements always include non-disclosure, non-disparagement, and project-specific non-compete clauses.

How we like to do business

Get together in-person.

Although working remotely is a great way to reduce costs, every serious project begins with an in-person relationship. We are happy to travel to meet you.

Develop an understanding of what's important to you.

We develop full service-solutions that include ongoing marketing and product support.

Results guaranteed.

Any time we embark on a project, we agree on a definition of success ahead of time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and that is reflected in our agreements.

We would love to share your story next

“I have loved this experience working with you guys.”
Jevin Maltais hired us to build an Augmented Reality app for the iPhone. The app is used by a furniture store to show a customer how a couch will look in the customer's living room. The cost was $300, which included building the prototype, converting the couch into a 3-D model, and implementing the iOS ARKit.
“The process of sourcing and engaging was fast and seamless. Our needs were quickly understood and we proceeded quickly with a pilot...Since our first project, we’ve seen consistent, increased revenue from our expanded product line. We've just completed another project on internal efficiency and are loving the results.”
Brian Dolan, the CEO of WorkReduce